Metkon LTD specializes in metal construction manufacturing for variety of industries and contractors.


We offer high quality components and solutions for mechanical industry and infrastructural projects.

Our services:

Aluminum curtain walling and exterior wall cladding

We design, manufacture and build high-quality aluminium curtain walling and exterior wall cladding (aluminium carpentry, balcony and interior fences, metal constructs and Inox fences or similar).

Refurbishing and surface painting

For both already existing constructions or entirely new ones, refurbishing and painting are necessary processes required for an elegant look and longevity.

Manufacturing and assembly of metal constructs

Thanks to our extensive experience and our professional engineers, we are able to offer a wide spectrum of products related to manufacturing and assembly of metal constructs for a multitude of purposes.

Control and testing

All our products go through a rigorous system of control testing. We guarantee that our work will meet the necessary requirements and multitudes of satisfied clients are proof of that.

Material preparation and welding

We guarantee reliable and quality products with no expiration date, thanks to our detailed preparation and adequate steps of welding based on material type and material purpose.

Maintenance and repair.

To our clients, we also offer a service of continued support, maintenance as well as repairs of existing installations.


We offer high-quality and verified solutions for construction, machine industry and infrastructural projects. Our work is available for anyone to see, our solutions, as well as product quality, is clearly demonstrated in the numerous projects that we realized.

We pay special attention to every single detail to be as you have specified and imagined. Our work is dynamic and adjustable to your demands.

If you’re a construction firm with a project or an individual that wishes certain modification of their private home, office or anything else, we will be there to meet your demands.

We are aware of the significance of education and the fact that manufacturing processes and technologies are constantly changing.  Because of that we continuously seek to further the skills and education of those employed under us as well as track world trends and ever-changing technologies.


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Inside of Metkon there is a deep culture of professionalism with excellent levels of communication and responsibility, and those are key factors required for creating and delivering a durable and quality product.